Made in Kolobanga! Presented in Los-Angeles!


In November, Los Angeles hosted the world's largest film market, American Film Market (AFM). It is a meeting place for producers, distributors and buyers from all over the world.

Kolobanga Studio (Kolobanga Media LLC) presented two its own projects (The Mojicons and NETSKI) at AFM and held more than 50 meetings with distributors, sales agents and production companies. The studio projects aroused great interest from the buyers, so by the end of the market, a number of key deals were concluded.

So, the feature film The Mojicons. Hello internet! is going to be released in film distribution, TV and water distribution in the territories of Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and other countries), Italy and the USA. In addition, after the market, it was planned to sign a number of deals in other territories.

The flagship project of the studio is a feature animated film NETSKI. The Universe of the Net. The project received the highest marks from buyers who unanimously noted the concept originality, the project's scope and the animation quality. Companies from the USA, Great Britain, China, Canada, Italy announced that they are ready for project`s distribution and co-production. The agreements with the companies will be concluded as a result of the market.

Alexander Revva is the producer of Kolobanga Studio projects: “Participating in AFM and the crazy (!) Interest that buyers from all over the world show to our projects is cool, it inspires us to make amazing and bright projects that can win over the viewers hearts all over the world! ”